East London

A new in-depth study from match into love and relationships has found that East Londoners top the list of singletons looking for a sense of ambition in a potential partner, with 66% of people agreeing that it was of real importance to them.

44% of single East Londoners surveyed for the LoveGeist Report also felt that having a partner who shares the same hobbies and interests was important to them, a figure that puts them 10% above the national average.

And it seems that parental influence is higher for East Londoners than anywhere else in the country too, with 20% admitting to asking their parents for advice in their relationships, and 11% saying that they would end a relationship if their parents didn’t like their partner.

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West London

When it comes to love, West Londoners clearly want the whole package!

The most in-depth study of contemporary love and dating in the UK, the LoveGeist Report, has revealed that west London is extremely fussy when it comes to choosing a potential partner.

Daters in West London have extremely high standards with 86% saying that to form a long term relationship with someone they would have to be intelligent, 83% saying that they would have to be physically attractive, and 23% saying that it’s important to them that a potential partner would have to have a high income. This is at odds with the average in the rest of the UK, where just 13% of single respondents cited the income of a partner as important to them.

West Londoners may be fussy, but they also want to get married more than the rest of London. 61% said they would like to get married in the future, compared with 57% in North London, and 57% and 58% in South and East London respectively.

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North London

A new study from match into love and dating in the UK and Ireland has found that finding love is more important to North Londoners than anywhere else in the country, with 85% rating it as being either important or very important.

North Londoners are also a hardworking bunch who feel that their work commitments may be having an impact on their search for love, with 51% saying that they would be willing to spend less time at work in order to find a long-term relationship, and 50% acknowledging that finding someone to be in a relationship with is more important to them than their career.

When asked what methods they had used in the past to find a new potential partner, 64% said that they had met someone through friends, whilst 52% of single daters had relied on a chance meeting.

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South London

South Londoners think that laughter and having fun together is the most important factor in a successful relationship according to the LoveGeist study for 2010-2011.

The report which looks at contemporary love and dating has found that 91% of the singles in South London believe making each other laugh is the recipe for a happy and loving relationship. But it seems that despite having a long term relationship being extremely important to 47% of South Londoners, 21% felt that they simply didn’t have enough time to dedicate to finding a new partner, (compared with just 15% in North London).

Across the whole of London, South Londoners were most likely to have been affected by infidelity in a past relationship, with 36% admitting that this had been a problem for them in the past. Despite this, 57% of single South Londoners said that they would like to get married in the future, proving that South London remains optimistic when it comes to finding love.

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