Results taken from the LoveGeist Report 2010, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland, show it really is good to talk for Middlesbrough’s daters. An overwhelming 98.5% of Teessiders viewed the ability to communicate as a key ingredient in achieving a long lasting and successful relationship.

While they may enjoy a good natter to help break the ice, Middlesbrough residents also like to embrace their local surroundings, with 50% of those asked choosing a walk through the local countryside as one of the most romantic gestures a date could make.

Although keen on getting out and about, singles in Middlesbrough are less likely to find love scouring their local gyms or sports clubs. Only 9% identified their local gym as a location to find potential partners.

Teessiders have also admitted to holding close family ties, with only 18% proclaiming they would reduce the amount of time spent with family members in order to find a long term relationship. Refreshingly, Teessiders also value other’s feelings ahead of their own, rating their own personal achievements as unimportant.


There’s no need to flash the cash to find long term love in Newcastle, with 50% of singles claiming that a potential partner’s income is not important to them – the highest result across the UK’s dating community, where the average is just 35%.

Newcastle daters are traditional in their outlook, with 33% describing themselves as very romantic, and a massive 61% believing that a candlelit dinner represents one of the most romantic gestures between two people.

But it’s not all plain sailing when it comes to dating in Newcastle. Despite the fact that income is not an important feature in a partner, when asked their opinion as to how they would feel if someone bought them an expensive gift on a third date, 29% of Geordies said that they would feel under pressure to get them something of equal value.