The second annual LoveGeist Report has found that Liverpool singles are least likely to meet a new potential partner through their existing friendship group, with just 47% citing meeting through friends as a method they have used successfully in the past, compared with the average of 55% across the rest of the country.

And that’s not the only place where Liverpudlian daters are bucking the trend. When asked how important finding or being in love was to them, 21.5% of Liverpool singles stated that it was in fact unimportant, the highest rating in the UK and Ireland.

Whilst singles in Liverpool may not be dating to find the love of their lives, 35% do describe themselves as very romantic, with a further 60% believe that whisking someone away for a surprise weekend is one of the most romantic gesture you can make.


A recent study from match, the company behind and has revealed that people in Manchester believe themselves to be the most romantic of all northerners. The findings from LoveGeist Report 2010 show that 36% of Mancunians describe themselves as very romantic, compared with just 25% of single daters in Leeds for example.

Manchester also scores higher than the rest of Northern England when it comes to spending money preparing for a date, with the average person willing to spend £43.23 on a new haircut or outfit ahead of the date.

But are the old ideals of romance on the wane when it comes to dating in Manchester? What romance means to Mancunians seems to be changing, with 20% of those surveyed saying that they would not hold a door open for their partner if they were on a date.