The LoveGeist report 2010, the most comprehensive study into love and relationships in the UK and Ireland, has revealed that singletons in Belfast find a marriage proposal a more romantic gesture than in any other UK or Irish city. When asked what had accounted for the breakup of their last long term relationship, 12% of those asked cited lack of commitment to marriage.

The new research on love and dating from match found that 84% of Belfast’s singles’ agreed that their views on what makes a perfect partner had changed as they got older. This change of view may be connected to the fact that the majority (51%) of all singles in Belfast blamed infidelity for ending a past relationship.

And while daters in Belfast may have their hearts set on marriage, 6% said they would not work hard to resolve relationship issues (the highest of all cities polled in the survey), with 22% admitting they would not open doors for their date. When asked what quality they would take forward into their next relationship, daters from Belfast identified the ability to stand up for themselves.