Dating in Aberdeen may lead to unexpected matches, according to results from LoveGeist, the largest and most comprehensive study of contemporary love and dating in the UK and Ireland. Results from the research showed that Aberdeen daters put passion over parallels, and were least concerned about being on the same wavelength as their partner, with just 56% considering this to be an important part of a successful relationship.

Once they’ve found their match, the people of Aberdeen were revealed to be willing to put love first, with 40% happy to prioritise their love life over their career.

The study, commissioned by match, the company behind dating sites match.com and matchaffinity.com, also indicated that when it comes to dating, love and romance, Aberdeen singles can be coy about gift-giving. Over half (58%) admitted that an expensive gift on a third date would leave them embarrassed but secretly pleased. However, lavish gifts won’t always win you an Aberdeen resident’s heart – 16% would simply not accept one that early in the dating process.


In Edinburgh the way to a potential partner’s heart is not by showering them with gifts. New statistics from the LoveGeist Report for 2010-2011 has found that the daters of Edinburgh are not impressed by expensive gestures.

When asked how they would feel if a new partner bought them a pricey gift on their third date, 24% admitted that they would feel sceptical about it, with a further 9% saying that they would be ‘put off’.

The study, commissioned by match, the company behind the online dating sites match.com and matchaffinity.com, found that Edinburgh daters ranked the highest in the country when it came to being sceptical about gifting. The least sceptical city in the country was Derby, where just 8% of respondents felt cynical about the gesture.

But this scepticism about presents doesn’t mean that romance is dead in Edinburgh. 88% of respondents to the survey in the city described themselves as romantic, compared with 87% in Glasgow and 87% in Aberdeen.


When it comes to dating, love and romance, daters in Glasgow are willing invest to find a lasting relationship.

The LoveGeist Report 2010 has uncovered that not only do Glasgow singles spend the most money in Scotland when it comes to dating, they also spend the most in Britain – on average forking out £48.04p per date. Apart from Dublin, where daters were willing to spend £48.53p, Glasgow daters are the most generous, not just in terms of spending more on the date itself, but also spending the most in preparing for the date.

When asked how much money they would be willing to spend preparing for a date on items such as a new haircut or outfit, Glaswegians again topped the poll with a figure of £51.76p. And with 82% of singles in Glasgow saying that finding love is important to them, it’s clear that there has never been a better time to get out there dating in Glasgow.