If you’re newly single and dating in Bournemouth, you’re in for a real treat, according to results from the LoveGeist Report, a recent survey of online daters by match. The largest and most comprehensive study of its kind in the UK has revealed that Bournemouth’s residents may just be the most charming, tender and passionate in the UK, with over 91% of respondents agreeing that they are ‘romantic’ by nature.

So get ready to be swept off your feet! But whatever you do, don’t get too infatuated with your enchanting Bournemouth date or you may just come crashing straight back down to the ground again. In other answers, almost 16% of singles in Bournemouth admitted they had finished with a previous partner because they were ‘too clingy or needy’ – the highest percentage in the UK. Bournemouth inhabitants also scored highly on sticking to their guns when it comes to love and dating, with a relatively large number (13.4%) saying that their views on what makes the perfect partner have not changed as they got older.


Flings are out of fashion in Brighton and Hove and true love is in this season. The LoveGeist Report, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland found that Brighton has the highest number of daters in the country who are looking for long term love. An amazing 98% of Brighton singles agreed that they wanted to have a long term relationship in the future, with a further 95% agreeing that sexual compatibility was a vital factor in their relationships.

But dating in Brighton is also fraught with potential pitfalls, with 81% of respondents claiming to be fussy about who they date, and a further 52% believing that they have become even fussier over the past year.

For singles looking for love, it seems that the key to successful dating in Brighton is to find someone truly on your wavelength, with 76% of people believing that this was vital in order to achieve a successful relationship.


The people of Oxford are some of the fussiest daters in the UK, according to the LoveGeist Report 2010. The majority (58%) of the Oxford residents surveyed admitted they had become fussier about who they date over the past year, the highest percentage in the country.

When it comes to romance, Oxford singles are not into compromise, either. Daters in Oxford were the least willing to alter their image or change the amount of contact they have with their family in order to secure a long term relationship.

However, if your Oxford date is a water sports fanatic but your hobbies are more land-oriented, don’t worry. Residents were also the least concerned that their potential partner share the same hobbies and interests as them.

Despite its historic roots, it seems Oxford is a modern city when it comes to commitment. Under half of the singles questioned said they’d like to get married some day, while almost a third felt that moving in together was the biggest commitment you could make, the highest percentage in the UK.


According to new research into online daters by match, when it comes to improving workplace productivity, singletons in Portsmouth believe love is the answer. A whopping 71% agreed in the survey that they performed better at work when happy with their love lives. A further 43% felt that it was important for any potential long term partner to have a professional job.

And it would appear that Portsmouth’s singles have struck the perfect work/life balance, with 63% feeling that they dedicate enough time to searching for a new partner. While a strong work ethic is desirable for the people of Portsmouth, seeing dating partners get ahead is not. Surprisingly, only 16% of people, when asked, believed it important for their potential partner to have ambition.

Given their propensity to work hard in life and love, it’s unsurprising that daters in Portsmouth are full of appreciation for any date looking to express themselves with a romantic gesture. Of those asked as part of the LoveGeist Report 2010, 52% indicated that they would be extremely pleased and flattered if their date bought them an expensive gift on their third date.


The largest and most comprehensive study on love and dating, The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 has found that the old ideals of chivalry may be on the way out in Reading. When asked whether they would be willing to give up their seat on a bus for their partner when on a date, more people in Reading than anywhere else in the country said that they would not (26%).

It also seems that to find true love in Reading you have to be able to get along with your partner’s friends. 51% of respondents to match’s LoveGeist survey said their friends would have to approve of a potential partner, compared with the national average of 43%. And there’s good news for the brainiacs of Reading as 82% of single people questioned said that it was important to them to find an intelligent partner to have a relationship with.


When it comes to love and romance, nothing beats a bit of surprise for Southampton residents, according to the LoveGeist Report. The largest and most comprehensive study of contemporary love and dating in the UK and Ireland has revealed that over 17% of singletons in Southampton have gone as far as ending a previous because of a lack of spontaneity or surprise in their relationship.

Reluctance to marry is less likely to put a spanner in the works when you’re dating someone in Southampton – under 1% of respondents from the city said a lack of interest in marriage had caused them to end their last relationship.

Despite what might appear to be a tepid response to marriage, Southampton residents proved to be some of the soppiest in the country overall, with more than 87% agreeing that being in love was important to them. The study, by match, also showed that Southampton daters were willing to make significant changes in their lives to accommodate a loved one.