The most in-depth study of contemporary love and dating in the UK and Ireland has found that intelligence is just as important as appearance when it comes to finding love in Bristol. 82% of respondents believed that intelligence was an important factor in achieving a successful relationship, a figure that mirrored the percentage of people who rated physical attractiveness as important (82%).

The second annual LoveGeist Report also revealed that 93% of Bristol singles agreed that they wanted to have a long term relationship in the future, a positive pointer to all the singletons of the city. And the jokers of the bunch needn’t worry, as on top of the intelligence and physical attractiveness that they rate so highly, 83% of Bristol daters also think that sense of humour is the final ingredient to a long and successful relationship.


The LoveGeist report 2010 has found that Plymouth singles want to find true love more than anywhere else in the South West of England, with 84% said that finding true love was important to them. But dating in Plymouth is not a lavish affair, as the research also found that singles in Plymouth will spend the least amount in the country on a first date, averaging at just £35.68 a time.

Plymouth also emerged as the city where people spend the least on preparing for the date itself, with the average dater spending just £31.92 preparing for each date on items such as a new outfit or haircut. But despite this, dating in Plymouth is a comforting proposition; with 96% of people saying that they believe that feeling comfortable with one another is an important factor in a successful relationship, the highest percentage anywhere in the country. Plymouth singles are also a caring and sharing bunch as they also polled highest in their belief in putting each other first in a relationship, with 71%.