According to this year’s LoveGeist study, 42% of Birmingham’s singles find it hard to say “I love you” to a new partner for the first time. But despite this, love is clearly still on the agenda for Birmingham, with 90% of respondents saying that they would like to have a long term relationship in the future.

And whilst 44% of daters in Birmingham would like to see their relationship result in marriage, 18% of singles in the city stated that marriage was just not for them. Across the Midlands, Birmingham emerged as the city where moving in together was seen as important, with 25% of people agreeing that this was the biggest commitment two people can make in a relationship, compared with just 12% for respondents in Coventry.

Dating in Birmingham is clearly a chivalrous affair too, with 57% of singles saying that they would be prepared to foot the bill on a first date, and 58% saying that they would open doors for a potential partner.


Workplaces in Coventry are some of the most sizzling in the country, according to results from the LoveGeist 2010-2011 report, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland. Along with online dating sites, respondents to the survey by match agreed that one of the most successful methods of meeting a partner was through work, with 46% having previously met partners in this way.

Coventry singles also scored highly the dating altruism scale, with two thirds (66%) revealing they would be likely to choose a dating venue or activity they think their partner would enjoy, even if it was not their own first choice – the highest percentage of any city in the country.

And there’s more good news for Coventry daters – you’re more likely to be whisked away on a spontaneous holiday by an adventurous Coventry inhabitant than by any other city dweller in the UK. Over two thirds (67%) indicated that a surprise weekend was one of the most romantic gestures they could imagine.


Singles in Wolverhampton have learnt some valuable lessons from past relationships a new study from match has found. The findings from the LoveGeist report 2010 show that whilst 95% of single people in Wolverhampton believe that the key to as lasting relationship is not taking one another for granted, a further 92% believe that it’s important to completely be yourself in a relationship in order for it to be successful.

But Wolverhampton singles don’t claim to know it all, with the city boasting the highest number of respondents in the country who felt that in their next relationship they should be more open-minded with a partner (43%). More people in Wolverhampton would also be willing to change the way they look in order to find love than anywhere else, with 27% agreeing they would make changes to their image, compared with just 19% on average across the UK.