The LoveGeist Report 2010 has found that 42% of daters in Leeds think that having children together is a bigger commitment in a relationship than getting married (31%) or getting a mortgage together (3.8%).

In the survey, the most comprehensive ever into love and relationships in the UK, 88% of single respondents in Leeds wanted to be in a long term relationship in the future; with 95% of daters believing that having fun together and making each other laugh is the key to the success of that relationship.

Of those singles who do want to get married in the future, 61% in Leeds say that they would do so to take their commitment to their partner to the next level, compared with just 3% of respondents who viewed marriage as a means to financial security. So, even in these uncertain times, it’s clear that dating in Leeds is alive and well, with people keen to make that commitment to someone they can have fun and enjoy life with.


Daters in Sheffield are increasingly keen to find the love of their life, according to new research into online daters from match. Results from the LoveGeist Report, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland, show that nearly two thirds (64%) of Sheffield singles consider it more important now to find long term love than they did a year ago.

And it seems that, when it comes to dating, love and romance, Sheffield singles are also likely to place personality over looks. The study, by match, revealed that Sheffield residents are some of the least shallow in the country, with just 10% having ended a past relationship because of a lack of, or decrease in, physical attraction.


New research into online daters from match has shown that single people in the city of York are just aching to find someone who shares their long term views on life, love and romance. The study, commissioned by match, confirmed that nearly a third (61%) of daters in York thought that sharing long term views was an important part of a successful relationship.

That doesn’t mean that York singletons are overly stubborn. In fact, nearly a third (31%) of those questioned in The LoveGeist Report, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland, agreed that being more adaptable with their own values was one of the most important factors they would take into future relationships.

And it seems that York singles are happy to be labelled as hopeless romantics. The LoveGeist Report also indicated that York respondents were the most open to finding love of anyone in the north of England, with 86% rating ‘being in love’ as an important part of their lives.