The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011

The LoveGeist report 2010-2011 was the second in a series of landmark annual reports, created by match, the company behind the UK’s best known dating and relationship sites – and This comprehensive study explored current attitudes to love and dating in the UK and provided an insight into current and emerging trends.


The big questions

Working with the Future Foundation, one of the UK’s foremost consumer trend and insight specialists, the LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 aimed to answer some big questions about UK dating. Some key areas for analysis include:

  • – What impact has the recession had on our approach to love? In these challenging times, is love still a priority?
  • – Is marriage still an aspiration? Or are other forms of long-term commitment taking priority?
  • – What do daters really want from a relationship? What is important?
  • – What challenges do single parents face in the search for love?

The Romance Barometer

In addition, match has created the UK’s first Romance Barometer, designed to explore the state of the nation’s romantic beliefs. Who is most romantic? Where do the UK’s romantics live? What are they looking for in a relationship? And is a new breed of romantic emerging?

Who did we ask?

To gain deeper insight into the lives of Britain’s daters, match commissioned one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted among UK daters. As well as surveying 5,692 single people registered on its sites, match also researched 150,000 anonymised partner preference records of recent male and female match members, including several multiple choice responses.

In addition, to help interpret and explain the results and provide an insight into where dating trends may go in the future, match gathered opinions from respected experts in the fields of psychology, relationships, etiquette and occupational psychology.