LoveGeist 2011-2012: All I Don’t Want For Christmas…

LoveGeist, the definitive guide to love in the UK reveals what your other half doesn’t want to find under the Christmas tree With Christmas fast approaching comes the age-old conundrum of what to buy your loved ones, and it seems as a nation it’s a choice we often get wrong. New research from match, the company behind dating and relationship sites and, has revealed that 60% of Britons who have been in a long-term relationship have received a Christmas present from their partner that they didn’t want or like.

match’s LoveGeist Report 2011-12, which tracks changing attitudes towards love and relationships in the UK, has found that duff presents are all too common during the season of good will, with the most common festive faux pas presents including undesirable items of clothing, household products such as an iron or a hoover and DIY kit. Sadly, also included on the faux pas list, is no present at all – 10% of those polled claimed not to have received a present at all from their loved one.

When it comes to misguided gifts, it appears that it’s not just socks and bobble hats that barely leave their wrapping paper before being destined for the bin. The presents that were deemed unacceptable gifts from partners ranged from the bizarre, to the stingy, to the plain unbelievable. 21% of those polled complained their partner had given them impersonal gifts such as shower gel, a phone charger, a flannel and even a wheelbarrow. And out of these unwanted gifts, 29% said the present did not match their taste; quite literally in one case where one respondent received food from their partner which they were allergic to.

Gifts that were deemed useless and ones that the receiver did not need were also common, with 13% of those polled receiving the likes of ironing boards, wellingtons, and in one case, a door.

In response to the news, Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert for commented: “The secret to buying a great Christmas present has to be to start early. Leaving it until 4pm on Christmas Eve (you know who you are) will never end in tears of joy and gratitude, just resentment and sulking. So buy your partner’s gift first, before you’re sick of shopping or strapped for cash. Shop online if Christmas crowds make you stressed out.”

The secret to a successful gift may not be as far away as some fearful gift foragers may think though, as Taylor continues: “You don’t have to spend much – research by match has shown that thoughtfulpresents rank much higher than extravagant ones. Put yourself in your partner’s place: what do they love doing, eating, reading, watching or wearing? Don’t try to impose your own taste – the perfect Christmas gift is one that celebrates your partner as they are. Watch out for hints, too: most of us leave clues lying around the house, so if you tripped over a catalogue this morning, it wasn’t an accident. But most of all, don’t believe a word of it when your partner says, ‘You don’t have to get me anything.’ We all need to feel cherished and adored, and especially at Christmas. Use the present as a way of reminding your partner that you love to see them smile.”

The Top Ten Christmas Gift Blunders:
– A top which was originally bought for their ex – A pair of wellington boots – Food the recipient was allergic to – An axe – A door – An ironing board – A garlic bread-making kit – A flannel and soap – A wheelbarrow – A photograph of themselves
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