LoveGeist 2011-2012: South Yorkshire

If you’re looking for love in South Yorkshire, then you’re in luck. Our 2011-2012 loveGeist study found that almost a quarter (23%) of adults in the North of England are single.
For singles, in South Yorkshire (who are seeking a relationship) having someone to share everyday things with was one of the three most important factors about being in a relationship (94%), followed by having chemistry with someone (92%) and feeling more emotionally secure about the future (80%).
When asked about their top priorities in life, 60% of South Yorkshire singles said that improving their finances was a focus, 53% prioritised spending time with friends and 50% stated that health and fitness was of great importance to them.
If you’re dating in South Yorkshire, then choose a dinner or drinks date – 74% of singles surveyed in South Yorkshire said they’d prefer to do something sociable on a date, as eating out or enjoying a few drinks. South Yorkshire singles were less keen on first dates involving the outdoors, with just 13% saying this would be their preferred date activity.