LoveGeist 2011-2012: West Midlands

The 2011-2012 LoveGeist survey has revealed that over a quarter of adults in the West Midlands are single (26%) and that 30% of the singles surveyed said that finding a relationship was one of their top 3 priorities in life.
The stats revealed that single adults in the Midlands are the second most career focused amongst the 8 regions included in the study, with 43% of those stating that their career was one of their top 3 priorities.
When it comes to dating, singles in the West Midlands are the most open minded, with 20% of the daters surveyed saying that an ‘unusual date’ would be one of their preferred activities. However, almost a quarter of singles surveyed (24%) admitted that an evening at home (e.g. cooking a dinner, ordering takeaway, watching a film, etc.) is their ideal date.
If your date seems nervous, don’t worry, it’s normal. 81% of adults in the Midlands said that they had experienced a feeling of “butterflies” in their tummies upon meeting someone special for the first time.
And, according to the stats, West Midlands singles are no penny pinchers; when it comes to the first date – they are willing to splash £32.06 preparing for a first date and £37.22 on the date itself.