Looking for love in Edinburgh & Glasgow? Look no further, as almost a quarter (23%) of singles in Edinburgh & Glasgow are currently looking for love, while 50% of singles said that they may seek a relationship in the future. But what exactly are they looking for?

Smartness, security, and a little bit sexy

When looking for love, feeling secure with someone is obviously an important factor, so it’s no surprise that nearly 9 out of 10 singles in Edinburgh & Glasgow agreed this is something they’re seeking (89%). However, a saucy 83% of those surveyed also described sexual compatibility as a vital aspect of a serious relationship. But it’s not all about what goes on between the sheets, as 81% said that finding someone intelligent was also one of the most important things to them when looking for long term love and 82% rated ‘has the same values as me’ as important.

Social media shy?

It turns out that 45% of singles in the area are likely to research their date before meeting them. Out of those, 79% would do it via using Facebook. Researching is where the social romance stops though, as a whopping 82% said that in previous relationships they have not done anything on social media related to their partner – for example changing their profile picture to a photo of them and their other half, or ‘checking-in’ while on a date. In fact, only 1% of singles in Edinburgh & Glasgow who have previously been in relationships have constantly changed their relationship status on Facebook.

Teachers top the list of most desired profession

Teaching may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but according to singles in Edinburgh & Glasgow, it’s the most attractive. 8% of singles surveyed said they would like to date a teacher, while architect came second, with 5% saying this would be their preferred profession for a date. Scientists (4%), doctors, musicians, lawyers & nurses (all 3%) were also popular choices.