LoveGeist 2012-2013: London

Plenty of fish in the sea?

If you’re looking for a date in London, then you’re in luck. The 2012-2013 LoveGeist survey has revealed that 36% of adults in the capital are single, with 27% saying that they’re actively looking to start a relationship – perhaps with you?

Looking for security

And what is it that they’re looking for, exactly? Well, 90% of the singles* interviewed said that finding someone they feel secure with is one of the most important factors when forming a long-term relationship and 86% said a similar sense of humour is a must-have in a partner.

Career credentials

Preparation is key to singles* in London, where 50% of singles looking for a relationship would research someone online before going on a date, 78% of these using Facebook ahead of meeting their date for the first time.
And, more than any of the other regions included in the survey, 32% of singles* in London would turn to LinkedIn to research their dates.

Splashing the cash

London singles are no penny-pinchers either, saying that on average they would be prepared to spend £43.00 on the first date, which is 1.4% more than in 2011.