Looking for love in Merseyside? You’re in luck! Almost a quarter (22%) of singles there are looking for a relationship right now. But what is it that makes a great date? We investigate…

A lorra, lorra laughs

Seems Cilla may have been on to something with her famous catchphrase. A similar sense of humour came top of the list when singles in Merseyside were asked what they were looking for in a long-term partner, with 86% saying this was important to them. But be careful not to joke too much when it comes to affairs of the heart, as 86% also felt that feeling secure was a must when it comes to starting a serious relationship.

Forget making it Facebook official…

Found your perfect match but not sure how to let them know you want to make it ‘official’? Merseyside lovers should steer clear, as only 18% of singles surveyed felt that changing a relationship status on Facebook was an important indicator that you’re now a couple. Instead, don’t date anyone else (82% think this is key), introduce your new partner to close friends (56% said this was important) and have the ‘relationship talk’ (59% think this is important).

…But don’t forget about Facebook altogether

If your Facebook profile gives a less than flattering view of you, you may want to up your privacy settings, as 39% of singles in Merseyside said they would research their potential date before meeting them. Over three quarters (79%) who said they would research their date before meeting them said they would check their date’s Facebook profile, while around half (42%) would look up their date on a search engine like Google. 29% would even consult Twitter to get a better idea of what their date was like.

Liverpudlians are loosening the purse strings

The last few years have been a tough time for daters in the wake of the recession, but it seems that things are looking up. Singles in Merseyside said that on average they’d spend a maximum of £45.45 on a first date – up 9% from 2011. The amount singles spend preparing for a date has also increased in the last year – daters in Merseyside would now spend a maximum of £36 on date preparation (haircuts, new clothes, etc.), up by 3% since 2011.