LoveGeist 2012-2013: South Yorkshire

Looking for a relationship?

If you’re looking for a date in South Yorkshire, you’re in luck. Our LoveGeist 2012-2013 survey reveals that 23% of singles in this region are actively seeking a relationship. And if you happen to be a nurse you may have an even greater chance, as this was one of the most popular professions sought after in a partner.

What’s most important in a relationship?

Singles* in South Yorkshire are also looking for security in a relationship – 90% of those surveyed voted this as one of the most important considerations when forming long-term relationships. Also of vital importance is the presence of shared values in a relationship. 83% of singles* in South Yorkshire chose this as important. And you’ll know you’re in a relationship when you meet their close friends – 60% of singles* said that this was an indicator of an official relationship, more than any other UK region.

Date ideas

When dating in South Yorkshire, sticking to a classic dinner date may be the safest bet, for only 48% of singles* in this region said that they’d like to do something more adventurous or unusual on Valentine’s Day. Dinner on a boat could be a winning combination however, with 77% saying a boat trip would be a preferred date idea.

Dating in the age of social media

Daters in South Yorkshire also appear to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. 82%* said that they’d research their date on Facebook before a date, and 70% say that their friends have uploaded a picture of themselves and their partner.