LoveGeist 2012-2013: West Midlands

Good-humoured Brummies

According to the latest LoveGeist survey, 24% of singles* in the West Midlands are actively seeking a relationship/dating.
If you love to laugh, then the West Midlands is your best bet for a suitable date, as 88% of singles* here said that a “similar sense of humour” is one of the most important factors when embarking on a long-term relationship with someone.

Respect their privacy

Singles in West Midlands are seemingly quite private when it comes to relationships – 77% of those singles surveyed said that in previous relationships they hadn’t posted anything relating to their partner on social media platforms such as Facebook, and only 12% had uploaded a profile photo of them and their partner.

Culture vultures

Potential partners for West Midlands singles* should be creative too, as 6% said the preferred profession of the person they would date would be a musician. And that’s not all – when it comes to Valentine’s Day, 51% of singles in the West Midlands would prefer a more adventurous date, so, get your thinking caps on! Hint: why not take your date to the cinema/ theatre; 57% said they’d prefer that!