LoveGeist 2012-2013: West Yorkshire

Smart and sexy

The LoveGeist Report 2012-13 reveals that singles in West Yorkshire are most keen on finding someone with whom they’re sexually compatible, with 89% of respondents saying this is important for a long term relationship – more than any of the other UK regions surveyed. Unsurprisingly, physical attraction is also important (63%), but they also have to date someone who is intelligent (81%).

Full of ambition

The desire for an intelligent partner is reflected in the choice of professions sought-after in a potential partner – doctors, scientists and nurses coming out on top. 9% of singles in West Yorkshire would like to have a subscription to a dating service as part of their perfect benefit package, in order to help them find the right person. And when they are dating, they like to embrace their cultural side – 60% of them choosing a museum or art gallery as a more adventurous Valentine’s Day date.

Image conscious

Furthermore, singles in West Yorkshire are a style-conscious bunch, with 34% of singles that would change something about themselves said they’d be prepared to change their style or clothing to suit a potential partner – more than any other UK region.