The latest LoveGeist results (2013-2014) reveal what people across the country think about dating.


The LoveGeist Report 2013-2014

Despite the hectic pace of modern life, and the fact that free time is becoming an ever scarcer commodity for many of us, research from has found that single Britons are still happy to devote their Saturday night to romance. The dating experts’ latest LoveGeist report has found that dates scheduled for a Saturday are more popular than on any other day of the week.

The 2013-14 LoveGeist Report has found that dates scheduled for Saturday are more likely to go ahead than on any other day*, despite potential clashes with top TV shows including X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Saturdays are likely to be popular as they offer daters ample preparation time and the prospect of a lie-in the following morning.

Weekend dates were found to be four times more popular than weekdays, with 81% of respondents* saying that they would be more likely to cancel a date on a week night. Mondays were the least popular day for dating, with work and gym commitments more likely to get in the way. Instead, more daters are using services such as nights (which runs on Monday-Thursday nights) to meet more than one potential partner in an evening and safeguard against last-minute cancellations.

Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at, comments: “Saturday nights have an in-built feeling of fun which adds excitement to any date, and they come with the added bonus of extra hours of preparation time. It comes as no surprise that Mondays are the least popular, as people often tend to be either overwhelmed by their weekday workload or still tired out from their weekend activities. So why not something different and meet loads of singles in one fell swoop at an event designed for people looking for the same thing as you.”

Work commitments played a big role in dates not going ahead, with 18% of singles who have cancelled a date saying this was why they’d had to stand down. However, illness was the most common reason, with 33% saying this was why they had to miss out. Being too tired (19%), unable to afford it (12%) and being asked out by someone who seemed a better option (6%) were also cited as factors.

*based on those who selected a day when they would be most likely to cancel.