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Asian Beauty Blog: Make-up And Skin Care Tips

Asian Beauty Blog: Make-up And Skin Care Tips

It’s always nerve wracking when meeting up with someone for a first date but a good way to give yourself an extra boost of confidence is to ensure your skin and make up look flawless. Here are a few of our asian date blogger, Kay’s, skin care and make up tips.

Asian Skin Care Tips

Beauty starts from within and I’m sure you have heard this all before but a healthy diet does wonders for your skin.

About a week or two before your first date, try and introduce more healthier options into your meals such as Spinach which is high in Vitamin A, C, E and K. These vitamins can help improve your complexion and are great for skin repair. One added benefit of spinach, is that it contains Magnesium and Potassium which also helps promote sleep which is good if you are too nervous and can’t sleep!

Green Tea is another good option to introduce into your diet as it is packed full of anti-oxidants. Try taking a teaspoon of Green Tea Powder with some Plain Yogurt for a healthy, tasty snack that helps to increase your metabolism.

If you suffer from puffy eyes, grab a couple of Green Tea bags, boil some water and steep the tea bags for about 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and place them in the refrigerator for 20 -30 minutes until cold, remove excess water and then place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Green Tea contains Tannins which helps blood circulation and so reduces puffiness and dark circles. Do this for a week before your date and watch those eye bags disappear!

Apart from diet, topical products help skin looking great as well so make sure to cleanse and moisturise your skin well. Try applying a facial oil before your moisturiser as this helps the skin to feel and appear softer. Try Rosehip Seed Oil for skin that has discolouration, Avocado Oil or Argan Oil for drier skin and try Jojoba Oil or Coconut for oilier, acne prone skin.

One thing to avoid is applying a facial mask the day before the date as the skin can become quite sensitive and you may end up with blotchy skin which you don’t want.

Asian Make Up Tips

The most important thing to remember is that less is more especially for a first date. Try and keep your make up looking natural and subtle, this also means less maintenance work for yourself during the night.

If your skin is oily then it is important to apply a primer to your face, not only does it help to control shine but it makes your make up last longer as well.

BB Creams are my make up of choice as most are very moisturising and contain SPFS and also depending on which one you get, can help control breakouts or are anti-aging. BB Creams can be used in place of foundation but some do tend to appear very pale on the skin. If your BB Cream is a little on the pale side, mix half BB Cream and half foundation and apply on your skin. That way you get both the benefits of great coverage and moisturising properties of the BB Cream without looking too pale.

Make sure to apply some onto the neck area as well to help blend together. A white face and dark neck is not a good look.

Any blemishes, cover with concealer and finish with a light dusting of powder to help set the make up.

Next apply some blusher onto the cheek bones to bring some colour back onto the face. A fresh, Matte baby pink colour is nice for a girly look or try a matte peach coloured blush for a slightly more glamorous look. Applying some highlight onto the tops of the cheeks as well helps to brighten up the face.

For the eyes, go for subtle, natural look. Stick with shades that match your skintone and avoid applying too much. Brown, Grey and Plum colours compliment well with Asian skin tones.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with some glittery peach or silver eye shadow as this helps to make the eyes appear larger and helps to brighten them. Peach and Silver shades are much more natural than highlighting with White.

Finish off by curling your eyelashes and adding a coat of mascara, brown is more natural but black is good for a slightly more dramatic look. Avoid applying mascara on the bottom lashes as this can highlight dark circles.

For the lips, remove any dry skin by using a toothbrush. Moisturise with a good hydrating lip balm. Again, go for natural colours such as pinks. Peach/Coral colours compliment well with more yellow toned skin.

Last but not least, keep some essentials handy in your bag such as oil blotting sheets, lip balm and powder to keep you looking flawless all day.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your make up look and have fun!

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