We’re excited to announce the latest innovation in online dating here at Match, as we launch our artificial intelligence dating coach, available on smart home devices! Sign up to Match for free and try Lara now.

We’ve worked closely with Google to develop a brand new service to help out singles looking for love, all through spoken conversation, including:

  • Unique daily ‘matches’
  • Bespoke dating tips
  • Date venue suggestions

Created to act as a personal wingwoman, daters can now chat with Lara (our chatbot) through the Google Assistant. Using artificial intelligence and keyword recognition technology, Lara can understand your intentions and help you through your dating journey from start to finish!

Initate your conversation by simply saying: “OK Google, talk to Lara from Match”

Watch Lara in action:

Lara’s unique features are designed to be as helpful as possible for you, all the way along your dating journey, including:

Daily User Matches

For Match members, Lara will select a unique member profile based on your Match search preferences (age, location and common interests). She’ll then send the profile details of your daily match to your phone, meaning you can contact them instantly if they catch your eye.

Date Idea Locations

Lara can suggest ideal date locations where you and your date can get to know each other better. Let Lara know what kind of date you’re looking for, and she’ll use Google Map’s Geocoding API to find the perfect spot.

She’ll even send the details and a map to your phone (provided you’ve given permission of course). Best of all, Lara learns from all her interactions based on users’ feedback and will suggest more and more relevant locations as you continue to chat with her.

Bespoke Dating advice

Lara knows how nerve-racking a first date can be! To help you get over those first date nerves, she comes armed with a range of dating advice – all gleaned from Match’s 23 years of experience.

Whether you need conversation starters, advice on what to wear or simply some tips on how to overcome nerves, Lara is here to help. Once again, she’ll learn from her interactions, so the more you consult her, the more helpful she’ll become.

Vicki Pavitt, Match’s dating expert says:

“Dating can be a minefield for some, and so having someone you can turn to 24/7 for advice and support is invaluable. Lara is the ultimate wingwoman to help singles navigate the dating journey and to help them to build confidence when finding their match.”

To see Lara in action sign up to Match for free and try Lara now!