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My experience of a night

My experience of a night

My last visit to a night was in 2014. I went to two actually. The first one being in Edinburgh and one which was in home city of Glasgow. I have to say I found the Edinburgh one to be good from a contact point of view but that I found myself struggling to approach any women when the night came round in my own city. I decided, though, that I would take the plunge and go for it once more and all in all it turned out to be a decent night.

It was my first visit to The Merchant in Glasgow so if nothing else it would be another venue in Glasgow I could tick off on my to visit list. This time I had back-up as my friends Gail and Karen came along with me (you can invite up to 3 friends with you even if they’re not members). We arrived around 19.30, thirty minutes in advance of the scheduled start time. The three of us had a drink before heading upstairs to the exclusive VIP area just after 8 to check in with our bubbly host for the night, Dawn. There we received ice-breaker cards (something I had received at the Edinburgh event previously, one set being picture cards, the other cards containing names of capital cities with the idea being that you had to find the person with the card that matched yours and when you did, not only would you have broken the ice with a potential suitor but you would also both be entitled to a free drink each). It wasn’t the first free drink on offer as a lovely girl from The Merchant was handing out glasses of wine with a strawberry in each on arrival. I decided to opt-out though as my friend Gail had me on my second beer before 8pm and I was keen to ensure I made a good impression with the women that would be attending!

After receiving my picture card, I took a seat with my two friends. There was another guy who was at the table too when the three of us sat down. Deciding it was time to right the wrongs of my approach anxiety from the previous event I went to at Arta in Glasgow, I set about making my way through the venue to meet the women who had come out to attend the event.

The first woman I met was Marion, a radiographer from East Kilbride. I can be quite inquisitive sometimes when I meet someone new so I decided I would ask her about her background and her own experiences and then moved on to the next table from there.

I met another two women at the table next to Marion, one of whom worked in the legal profession and another who was currently a volunteer seeking out a new position.

I met another few women that night, one of which told me she had actually gotten engaged to someone through using but that it hadn’t worked out in the end. It wasn’t the first time I had heard of an engagement through as a friend of a friend had gotten married to someone through meeting on the website. I also met a lovely woman Denise that I had met before at another bar previously and she introduced me to some of her friends who had come with her and were seated in another corner of the venue.

My friend Gail left just after 10pm. I had promised her I would walk her round to the train station but when I discovered there was still more women to meet in another part of the venue I hadn’t been round to I had to apologise to her and tell her I would in fact be staying a little longer than planned! So my last mission was to speak to some of the women at the opposite side of the bar from where I had been sitting at for most of the night.

All in all it was a decent night. It wasn’t just about meeting the women there too as I also met two good guys Russell and Kumar that I will be keeping in contact with in the future. In fact I met Russell two days later and helped him out with a double date through a girl he had been in contact with on the website!

Going forward I would certainly recommend giving Match nights a try. You can definitely come along yourself but it’s always good to have some back-up if you have some single friends who are free that night. There’s usually one a month in Glasgow and as they are free and you get a free drink too, you can’t really argue with that, even if you don’t meet the love of your life that evening!

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