My Relationship with Online Dating

My relationship with online dating, like any relationships, had its ups and downs. We used to get together for few months and then after realising it’s not doing any good for any of us – split up, only finding the way to be together again after a while.
I would call it ‘love-hate’ type of thing: you go into it – get super excited – enjoy it for a while – get disappointed – delete your profile – live without it for a while – do your day to day – get bored – go back to it – and here we go again!

I’m sure 50% of you, or maybe even 75%, have tried it by now. Some of you found their destiny (Congrats!), some met with several crazy people (Congrats on that too!), some had fun or huge disappointment, and some got hooked on it and keep doing it, not able to stop (it is addictive).
I could never understand people who says they are better than “online dating” and could never do that. Personally, I don’t see any difference between meeting someone in a random pub or a dating website. At least online you have some basic information in front of you about who they are, what they look like from different angles (taking selfies in the bathroom or on skiing holidays). And it is up to you if you want to proceed or ignore and move on to the next one, or just say “hi” and see where this will take you two. Also, it is much easier to ignore someone online than get rid of someone who is chasing you all over the pub. Plusses all around!

Most importantly, online dating taught me lots of things and most of them about myself! The knowledge you get about yourself in the process is priceless. I found out what my limits and limitations are, what I like and hate in other people’s behaviours, how I come across to others (thanks to the feedback of some nice people), and how I react in different tricky situations.

I don’t think I can call myself an expert, but for the last few years I’ve been ‘dating online’ pretty successfully: just having fun, meeting cool and interesting people, having craziest conversations in my life, getting short and long term boyfriends, falling in love, falling apart, even meeting a soulmate… Of course, not all of these experiences have been joy and fun, but I can’t complain. I’ve been very lucky with people I have met thanks to online dating. And now it is a big part of my life, as you can see me spilling it all out on here. Who needs a therapy, if you can pour it all on strangers online, right?
And if you are still thinking of giving it a go. I would say: Definitely give it a chance! It’s just like any other relationship, you won’t know before you’re in it.

Whatever your experience will be with online dating, it will be interesting, unique and it will be yours and no one else’s. Unless, you’ll decide to share it with others, like I did. In this case: Welcome to the Club! And Good Luck!

Single Girl