Advice is a funny thing. Everyone loves to dispense it from their podium of righteousness but having to listen to advice sees even the most amiable people getting irate. What’s worse is when it comes to dating advice. EVERYONE has a view, even those who have never dated and were those sickeningly lucky ones who slid out of the womb on a straight path down the aisle of matrimony (I’ll let you digest on that visual for a second and you’ll feel a modicum of the disgust I feel when I’m being lectured to by often the world’s most inappropriate people on dating).

However, expert advice is totally different. It’s why thousands of people go on that embarrassing bodies program with all manner of mortifying ailments (why else would you?!) and it’s why my mum wants me to buy some make up brand that she saw on TV because someone in a white lab coat made it look like the next scientific break-through technology to skin care. From what I can see, it looks like BB cream in fancy packaging.

And this is why I decided to go to an event run by about how to get it right on Because ignoring their advice is like a local league football player ignoring what David Beckham has to say (for the record – if David Beckham happens to be reading this post – I would NEVER ignore your advice on all facets of life xoxo). Intro’d by Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert (as well as Glamour, Cosmo and Daily Mail), who is like the badass older cousin (I don’t think she’ll mind me saying older considering she revealed her age to us) with all the advice about boys I never knew about and she’s got ALL the statistics on Plus she was a girl who is now about to marry a guy, making her one of us once upon a time as well as an expert. As well as the stats we also hilariously practised the art of flirty selfies which for me (selfie maniac), was another dimension of awesomeness.

We had expert advice on fashion with a lovely lady from net-a-porter (hello, fashion central. I’m also so pleased she supported my love of pleather on dates but I did tell her the last time I wore pleather trousers on a date it was received disturbingly well…) as well as a professional make up artist whose make up was exceptional and I wanted to have flawless skin like her. Also they invited a boy who isn’t an expert on anything, except being a boy – but he gave some really good advice about how to make it work for guys.

Unlike that cringe SATC episode where Carrie runs the dating workshop (you know which one I mean) and sugar coats dating prospects “you could bump into the man of your dreams when dropping off the dry cleaning”, this event is more my kind of gig. Practical, factual and advice you can sensibly take.

This event wasn’t about getting you to change who you were to present yourself in a totally different way. It was about being real; not hiding the fundamental things about who you are but still making things alluring enough for a guy to be interested to know more.
And as you can see, putting theory into practice with my flirty selfie attempt.