It's a New Year and a new start! I'm leaving my failed dating ventures of 2013 behind me, and embracing the men that 2014 will be bringing my way!

On January 1st, feeling a bit delicate from New Year's Eve festivities, I scrolled through the men on my app whilst watching a film with my housemates. I missed most of the film because there were so many new and exciting people on match- seem like a lot of people have had the same new year, new start attitude as me!

As you may have guessed, things with Rob didn't really go anywhere. We did some lovely Christmassy things in London but then it felt to me like things were moving a bit too fast, especially when he got me a Christmas present but I hadn't thought to do so. I think we were just after different things.

But it looks like this is the perfect time to get back into using match, a bit like it's the perfect time to join the gym. Which I will definitely be doing. Next week.

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