Match predicts January 4th will be busiest day of online dating in UK history

Monday 4th January 2016 is set to be the busiest day ever in the UK for online dating, according to Match. Millions are expected to log-on to dating apps and websites as Britons return to work after their festive break.

With online dating continuing to grow in popularity in the UK, Match is predicting registrations to rise by at least 75% during the month of January. The vast majority of Match users also now access the site using their mobile, meaning users will be more active than ever before.

Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at Match, comments: "Singletons often stride into Christmas feeling quite smug. No arguments or in-laws – just single jingles all the way. But after spending the holidays surrounded by family, couples, Richard Curtis films and mistletoe, having nobody to pull the other end of your cracker can start to take its toll.

“January is always the time when we embrace a fresh start, so it's a good time to dip your toe back into dating. Dating apps are a fun, low-investment way to find out if there's someone out there for you – unlike others, Match uses technology that learns from your search behaviour to give you the best chance of connecting with someone you’d like to date.” 

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*Increase in sign-ups between December 2014 and January 2015