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NYE Midnight Kiss Masterclass

NYE Midnight Kiss Masterclass

How to give the perfect kiss this New Year’s Eve. By’s Dating and Relationship expert Kate Taylor
BONG… There you are – at a party, gazing wistfully at the one you want, when Big Ben begins chiming its countdown to the New Year. And, perhaps more importantly, it’s the countdown to the kiss you hope to receive at 12 o’clock. How can you guarantee 2014 starts with a smooch? Take our Midnight Kiss Masterclass.


Approach the one you want to be smooching at midnight. Girls, you can sidle up to your chosen smoocher from any direction, but fellas should be careful only to approach women from the front. Women are naturally more wary than men and are suspicious of people who approach them from the side or behind. But don’t feel you have to move away to a darkened corner before you kiss – in fact, kissing in public is more stimulating as our raised adrenaline levels can boost our passion.


Charge your glasses. Champagne is the traditional NYE tipple but for a passionate kiss, swap to Sambuca. Tests in America revealed that the smell of liquorice on a man’s breath actually increased the sex drive of women around him. Girls – you don’t have to drink anything in particular; the same tests showed that the simple taste of any alcohol on a woman was enough to stimulate the sex drive of single men. If you’re smooching your husband, chew gum: married men found the taste of mint more arousing than booze.


Never ask for a kiss! It displays a lack of confidence, which is universally unsexy. Instead, read the body language so you know when the time is right. When your companion wants you to kiss them, they will tilt their head slightly to one side, open their mouth, and touch their lips with their fingers or tongue. When you see these signs, pounce! However, if they DON’T want you to kiss them, they’ll block your approach by backing away, crossing an arm over their body, or raising their glass to create a shield. (You can use these signals to avoid an unwanted kiss.)


Stroke their face. When all signals read GO GO GO for the kiss, begin by cupping your companion’s face with one hand. This is a protective gesture that all women find seductive. Men have incredibly sensitive necks, so girls – gently stroke your fingertips along the line where their stubble meets their skin. He’ll get shivers and won’t know why. Put your drinks down, and turn your body to face your partner’s. Just having your chests touching is enough to start producing Oxytocin – the powerful hormone which is stimulated when we hug or kiss a loved one.


Go in for the kill. Begin by gently bringing your mouths close together and dropping a small, dry kiss onto their lips. Men: don’t go in for a sloppy smacker straight away. I know it’s your instinct (men pass testosterone to their partner through the transfer of saliva, and use it to raise her sex drive), but women prefer to start small. Exchange short, feather light kisses on the mouth, the neck and the face before moving in for one long kiss. Then break away for a second. Stopping a kiss early will create a “hook” and increase tension – your partner will pull you in again for more. Then continue as long as you like – or at least until you get kicked out of the party… Happy New Year!

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