It was a modern day fairy tale that captured hearts across the globe. One year on from Kate and Will’s royal wedding,’s Holly Wright takes a look at their first year of matrimony and the lessons that we can learn from their relationship.

They move at their own pace

It took Prince William 7 years to propose to Kate Middleton; this seems an uncommonly long time for courtship, not least for a royal, revealing a refreshingly rebellious side to these modern-day royals who recognise the value in working at a relaxed pace. Neither does Kate seem in any rush to have a child, unlike Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana who both gave birth within a year of marriage. It’s a valuable lesson for anyone feeling the pressure of social expectation; obsessing over commitment – whether it’s moving in with your partner, getting married or having a baby – is never healthy, and the best relationships develop steadily and organically.

Couples that play together, stay together

The past year has been a busy one for Kate and Wills. Since their marriage the royal couple have spent time in America, Canada and Spain, as well as royal visits around the UK, allowing them to share key experiences and bringing them even closer together. The nine day stay in Canada revealed that, more than simply a royal tour, it was a demonstration of the enjoyment that the pair get from doing things together, whether it was Dragon Boat racing, attending a rodeo, or joining in a game of street hockey. Moments like these are vital; in’s annual LoveGeist study, we found that 90% of those surveyed said that having fun together is the key to a successful relationship.

Kate’s an independent woman

Having a relationship with a person who is always in the limelight can be difficult, but Kate is able to create a balance by claiming her independence through solo public engagements. She’s a girl who is academically gifted, sporty and ambitious and who even forged her own career as a fashion buyer after graduating from university. While the symbiosis of a relationship is healthy for development, it’s important that neither partner is wholly reliant on the other, and Kate’s independence is sure to be a key component in Will’s respect for her.

He treats her like a true princess

Wills has always been a gentleman when it comes to Kate, and it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten to keep the romance alive one year into their marriage. After a long 6 week absence from his wife, during which he flew a helicopter for the RAF in the Falklands, the Duke of Cambridge whisked the Duchess away for a romantic weekend in the Alps. Granted William has the time and the finances to treat his wife to impromptu luxurious trips away, but to quote a phrase – it’s the thought that counts. Small gestures make a big difference and help to keep the harmony in a relationship. So every now and then show your love with a gift or a simple gesture of kindness and reap the rewards.