Did you know that simple things like a mistake in your spelling can make or break your chances of finding love online? Potential dates can often see little flaws like these in a potential partner’s profile as a sign that they just haven’t made the effort. Think of your online profile as a great outfit; it must be smart, well put together, fitting and fuss free – it mustn’t look like you’ve tried too hard, or that you haven’t tried enough. It must complement your best assets and show the person you are today. Lastly, it must be true to your personality and give a hint of the person underneath. Here are 10 ways to improve the look and feel of your online dating profile and ensure you look your absolute best online.

1. Spelling

You might not think it but with online dating, the devil really is in the detail. Making tons of spelling mistakes says you’re not that serious about how you come across. In outfit terms, it’s akin to stepping out with a big dirty stain on your top; not a good move.

2. Humour

Miss this ingredient out at your peril, but don’t get too fixated on being funny. A witty remark here and there is all you need; but over accessorise your dating profile and it might look like something Pat Butcher created on a particularly garish day.

3. Honesty

White lies are like layers of spanx under that little black dress; uncomfortable and likely to cause intense disappointment. Steer clear of bending the truth and you’ll avoid any awkward situations down the line.

4. Quality

If you had a Chanel bag, would you fill it with sweet wrappers, a squashed chewing gum and a handful of dirty tissues?The content of your dating profile should be top class; don’t fill it with waffle and useless information.

5. Quantity

One liners, however succinct, are a no go for online dating. Without the full picture it’s impossible to tell if that floral shirt is joined by a hundred others in his wardrobe, and the same goes for those looking at your dating profile. By all means keep things short, but do make sure you’ve included all the important information.

6. Photography

The importance of your online profile picture can’t be stressed enough! Make sure it’s recent, clearly shows your features, and shows you happy and smiling. No one wants to date the equivalent of a grey woolly jumper; think pretty floral maxidress instead.

7. Creativity

Would you knowingly step out in the same outfit as someone else? We didn’t think so! Be a little creative with your profile and be ruthless in chopping out all those well-worn clichés. Add a bit of flair with a quote from your favourite film or book, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

8. Bravery

The best fashionistas are brave about what they like to wear, right? So be clear about what you aiming for and the kind of guy you’d like to find in your online dating profile. If you’re open and honest from the start you should find it easier to attract the dates you’re looking for.

9. Positivity

Have you added a sneaky whinge about how hard it is to find a man online? Or have you mentioned your rat of an ex? Nip those negatives in the bud and replace them with upbeat statements. Gothic is so last year.

10. Simplicity

Your profile should be written on a ‘need to know’ basis. We’re not talking minimal chic here, just a streamlined approach that leaves a potential dating partner wanting to know more. There’s no need to mention your comedy obsession with Australian soap stars or the fact that red wine brings you out in a rash.