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Dating On A Diet: Top 5 Tips

Dating On A Diet: Top 5 Tips

For most people, the first few dates are in bars and restaurants which is great, but what if you’re dating while you’re on a diet?

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or improve your fitness, we understand that you might be concerned about dinner dating when dieting, but you really needn’t be.

If you stick to our top 5 tips, we think you’ll be just fine…

1. Work out

If exercise is a feature of your healthy eating campaign, then timing your workout just right could reap numerous rewards.

Working out before a meal is a great idea as it means you’ll burn off those calories quicker, plus you’ll arrive feeling super svelte! Also, it’s likely that you’ll make healthier food choices after your workout as you’ll already be feeling good about yourself.

Furthermore, studies show that exercise releases feel good endorphins, so not only will you feel sprightlier for the date, but you’ll also exude a happy glow!

2. Do your research

The last thing you want to do on your date is bombard the waiter with a string of nutritional questions; it might make your date think you’re a little demanding! To avoid this scenario, do your research!

Lots of popular dining destinations post their menus on their websites. These often include all the nutritional information you could possibly need, so if you’re cutting out carbs or reducing your calorie intake, you’ll be able plan in advance which dishes you’d like to order and meaning you can relax and fully enjoy your date.

3. Choose wisely…

While it may be all too tempting to opt for the tastiest sounding dish, they’re more often than not the naughtiest in terms of nutritional value.

If you’re dating at an Italian or Indian restaurant, the tomato based sauces tend to have far fewer calories than the creamier ones, so you should order these where possible. When it comes to the meat, grilled is better than fried, plus they tend to be less greasy so you can eat more elegantly!

4. Share a starter

If the two of you plan to tuck into a few courses, you’re best ordering a filling (low calorie) dish to start off with, so that you won’t overdo it when the latter courses arrive.

Alternatively, sharing a starter is a great idea; this not only means you’ll consume half the amount, but it’ll introduce an element of intimacy to your date.

5. Watch your drinks

While a glass or two of your favourite drink might give you a bit of Dutch courage, it’s best not to drink in the early stages of dating someone new as you could run the risk of drinking too much!

What’s more, those drinks contain lots of hidden sugars which can sabotage your diet efforts! Instead, why not opt for soft diet drinks or water? Or, if you’d really like an alcoholic drink, you’re best ordering by the glass, rather than the bottle; this way you’ll be able to keep track of how much you’ve consumed.
While you may be conscious of your calories, it’s important to remember that you’re on this date to meet someone new and enjoy yourself, so it’s important that the focus is on getting to know your date a little better and enjoy their company. That calculator can stay in your bag until tomorrow!

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