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Kate Taylor – Why Do People Ghost?

Kate Taylor - Why Do People Ghost?

Video Transcription:

Ghosting is when someone you’ve been dating just suddenly and completely vanishes from your life. It’s not a new phenomenon, but modern communication has made ghosting far more common than it used to be.

Unlike traditional courtship, modern dating centres around virtual communication, not face to face. This means you can stay in touch more easily than ever, but it also means you can drop out of touch without repercussions. For people who fear emotional confrontation – and yes men, i’m talking about you – ghosting is a perfect way to finish a relationship.

You’re more likely to be ghosted if you let relationships get too intense too quickly; texting 24/7, becoming exclusive too soon and getting physical early on are all ways we try to cement a relationship, but which actually build pretty shaky foundations. Take things slowly, then nobody will feel the urge to vanish on you.

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