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Kate Taylor – Is it a date or just a bookmark?

Kate Taylor - Is it a date or just a bookmark?

Video Transcription:

Do you have a date tonight? Or is it just a bookmark? Bookmarking is when someone looks like they’re arranging a date with you, but then never actually follows up. They ask if you’re free one night. You say “yes!”, they say “great!” and then that’s it. The day comes and you never hear from them, or they text at midnight with a rubbish excuse.

Why do people bookmark? Because they like to feel they have options. Setting bookmarks with various people makes them feel like they’re popular and desirable all without leaving the house, and leaves them open to accept the very best invitation.

If someone regularly bookmarks you, realise they’re not that interested and move on. We want you out of the house on real fun dates, not sobbing as you stare at your empty calendar!

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