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Kate Taylor – What is the 3 Month Curse?

Kate Taylor - What is the 3 Month Curse?

Video Transcription:

There’s a nasty pattern in dating and we call it the 3 month curse. Ever noticed how so many relationships die when they hit the 3 month mark?

Here’s why. One of the ways men and women differ in dating is how strictly they pre-qualify their date. Women tend to assess a guy’s entire potential before they go out with him. Men prefer to see how it goes. For men the first months are just fun, laughter and hopefully sex. After that point he might not text so often, stop making plans and might start getting really busy at work…

What to do about it? Try not to take things seriously for the first 3 months. Keep it light and just have fun. Often, realising that you’re as cool and calm as he is will make a man decide that you’re the girl he wants for the next three months and beyond.

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