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Kate Taylor – 3 must-have photos to attract attention online

Kate Taylor - 3 must-have photos to attract attention online

Video Transcription:

What are the must have photos that will bring you the most attention online? There are 3.

1. A great headshot.

Make it clear, recent and flattering. Also remember that it needs to look good on a computer screen and a teeny tiny smartwatch or phone screen so choose a shot where you face is easy to see. Selfies are fine.

2. A full length shot.

You need a full length shot that shows your figure. Don’t take any clothes off for this, just try a nice shot of you full length dressed in your favorite date outfit or a casual picture of you just walking along.

3. The interesting shot

A picture of you engaged in an interesting activity. These photos have been proven to start the most conversations online, and conversations lead to dates. If you play an instrument, own a crazy pet or go skydiving, show it in your photos!

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