Video Transcription:

You want your online dating profile to be sexy but not raunchy. Why? Because when guys are looking at you, they’ll put you into one of two categories: ‘short term fun’ or ‘long term potential’.

The quickest way to go into a guy’s short term fun only bracket is to write a sexual profile, or to use explicit photos. While men obviously want long term partners who have a healthy sex drive, they don’t initially want someone who advertises it to the whole internet.

What to do about it? If you want to be seen as a long term potential be more modest. Include a photo which hints at just a glimpse of cleavage, show off your body in well fitting clothes, but skip the bedtime selfies, avoid frisky usernames like ‘naughty’ or ‘fun loving’ but don’t worry; you can show off your raunchy side on the date!

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