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The Best Chat Up Techniques

The Best Chat Up Techniques

If only the secret to the successful chat-up was down to selecting the right killer line or phrase. Sadly, it’s not that simple but we can reveal some expert tips on how to do it right.

1. Don’t brag
Instead of bragging and showing off about yourself to someone you’re interested in, turn the situation around by setting them a simple challenge such as asking them to name three things about themselves that are not to do with their looks or what they do for a living, that would want to make you want to get to know them better. The object of the exercise is to make the person you’re interested in start selling themselves to you, even though they probably hadn’t realised they are interested in you in the first place. Cunning! When they’re through, all you have to do is say “That’s great! Maybe we can hang out.” They’ve done all the hard work for you!

2. Ask a question
A survey revealed the most effective chat-up questions are ones which can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. For example “What’s your favourite pizza topping?” is far more likely to get the conversations started than “Do you come here often?” But before you dive in there with your question, think carefully about the subject. Keep things light and frivolous. Even a question as seemingly innocuous as “What’s your favourite film?” could end in disagreement – especially since men and women often have very different taste in films. Steer clear of politics, religion or anything too heavy. A broad topic like travel usually works well.

3. Be unique
Stand out from the rest of your company using fashion and accessories to draw attention to yourself. The theory is that wearing something that distinguishes you from the crowd like an unusual hat or interesting piece of jewellery can prompt conversation. Be sensible with this one though. The aim isn’t to end up looking like a clown, it’s more about making fun fashion choices to demonstrate your playful eccentricity, show that you might be an interesting person to talk to and act as an easy conversation starter.

4. Approach a group
Instead of honing in on just one guy or girl straight off, it’s easier and less intimidating to approach them when they’re with a group of friends. If you can win their friends over with some witty conversation they’re more likely to be favourably disposed towards you when you start chatting up their friend! When it’s time to make your move, politely ask if you can have a word with them in private.]

5. Be funny
And just when you thought cheesy chat-up lines were a big non-no, a recent poll of 4000 adults revealed that women were more likely to go for a man who approaches them with a light-hearted one-liner. And the same is true for men too. A good sense of humour is a big turn on for both sexes, but if you’re going to use a funny one-liner make sure it’s not too smutty or inappropriate. Try something playful but witty like “’Shall we talk or continue flirting from a distance?’ or “’There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.”

6. Act confident
It’s not just the chat-up line that matters, success is very much dependent on your delivery and whether you’ve made a good first impression. So even if you’re a bag of nerves on this inside, stand tall, take a deep breath and stride confidently across the room when you approach him or her. I promise it’ll make a difference!

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