Quiz: What’s your wedding style?

Take our quiz to find out…  

When it comes to tying the knot are you all about the bling, a stickler for tradition or up for something completely off wall? Take our quiz to find out…

1) Complete the following sentence: Wedding dresses should be…
a) expensive, silk and designer.
b) simple, well tailored and elegant.
c) big, bold and showy.
d) daringly different.

2) When it comes to wedding music you prefer…
a) A violin or harp solo.
b) A classical string quartet.
c) A Church organ.
d) An experimental choir.

3) Your wedding cake of choice would be:
a) Rich, fruity and slathered in thick white icing.
b) Top quality, tiered and traditional.
c) Made-up of individually iced cupcakes.
d) A home made simple sponge.

4) What’s your opinion of dress codes at weddings?
a) Great! I like to control what colours people will wear.
b) I’d definitely choose a formal dress code.
c) As long as guests dress to impress I’m happy.
d) Ridiculous! People can turn up in jeans and flip flops for all I care!

5) Apart from friends and family, is there anyone else on your guest list?
a) Yup, a scattering of C-list celebs.
b) The most influential and powerful people from around the world.
c) The great and the good for the world of showbiz.
d) Nope – just our nearest and dearest.

6) What mode of transport most befits the wedding party?
a) An entourage of classic vintage motors.
b) Horse drawn carriages.
c) A luxury limousine.
d) Motor bikes.

7) Choose your ideal venue
a) A country castle.
b) A city cathedral.
c) A luxury five star hotel resort.
d) Anywhere but a church.

8) What would you do if Hello! magazine offered to subsidise your nuptials in return for exclusive wedding photos?
a) Jump at the chance.
b) Issue your own official photographs.
c) Drive a hard bargain and accept.
d) Refuse point blank.

9) Pick your favourite first dance music…
a) It Had To Be You – Frank Sinatra
b) The Viennese Waltz
c) (I’ve had) The Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack
d) ACDC – Highway to Hell

10) What’s your wedding décor like?
a) Bold and blinging.
b) Sophisticated and classic.
c) Modern and minimal.
d) Rustic and simple.

Mostly a’s
Showy is your middle name. When it comes to planning a wedding you fall firmly into the Victoria Beckham camp with your taste for a lavish knees-up complete with designer frock, posh nosh and the best bling money can buy. Plus a juicy magazine deal to pay for it all. Nice work!

Mostly b’s
Your sense of  classic elegance and sophistication is so finely attuned, even Kate and Wills could learn a thing or two. Fancy yourself as a future prince or princess then do we? With your preference for more formal and traditional wedding celebrations, we expect your wedding day to run like clockwork from beginning to end.

Mostly c’s
Darling! When it comes to your nuptials, your wedding style is as decadent as they come. Think Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas –  only the finest food, clothes, location and guests will suffice. Yours is obviously an exclusive affair with a strict no riff raff policy. Only the finest of food and wine will be laid on for you’re a-list guests to enjoy.

Mostly d’s
Your wedding style is far from traditional, like Katy Perry and Russell Brand you’re wholly opposed to cheesy wedding clichés. Getting hitched somewhere different like up a mountain, or in foreign climes is far more your style. A simple and casual affair where anything goes is what you really want from the big day. As long as you’re surrounded by family and friends that’s all that matters.