Real men and women share their opinions on love and what makes a relationship last…

He says:
“Cup of tea in bed on a Saturday morning!”

– Ebru

“Deny everything.”

– Graeme

“Never criticising a meal cooked by your wife even if you are a qualified chef”

–  Juan

“Making each other laugh and being able to turn any situation (even the bad ones) into a joke that you both can enjoy”

– James

“Always have a cup of tea ready when the wife gets home from work. A bad day at the office can always be soothed with a nice cup of tea.”

– Matt

“Understanding your own faults and weaknesses before judging the other half on theirs.”

– Oliver

“Do things together – but also make some time to do your own things and enjoy your interests. Take time to listen/chat about each other’s hobbies. It will give you more diverse things to talk about when you are together! It’s even better if you can both do your own thing on the same night, then you don’t have to spend too much time apart.”

– Chris


– Graeme

“Never lie, cheat or be deceptive!”

–  Christopher

“It is vital that both partners are able to partake in light-hearted and jovial banter. Being able to have a laugh together over silly things is part of the glue that bonds two people together, be they friends or lovers!”

–  Robbie

“Surprising your partner often, especially when they least expect it. Treat them like they are the only person for you in the world!”


“Always let them think they’re right and don’t forget their birthday.”

– Al

“Only see each other at weekends!”

– Jay

“Always put yourself second.”

– Alan

“Just do as your told, never ignore your wife, wash up all the time and just behave.”

– Robert

“Two words: ’Yes, dear!’”

– Mike

“Being awesome in bed.”


“Respect individuality. Enjoy commonality. Aim for mutuality. Give unstintingly. Forgive unreservedly. Say “I love you” frequently.”

– David

“I am the man of the house, and I do as I am told. Rambo outdoors Bambi in.”


“Always remember that it is a partnership with equal say. It’s just that she has more of an equal say than the man.”


“Realise before it’s too late that the most important phrases are ” I was wrong.” ” You were right. ” and ” I love you. ” and never be afraid to use them – especially number 3!”

– Bob

“Hug it out.”

– Richard


– Joe

“Always doing what I am told….eventually”

– James

“Feed and water them regularly and they’ll last for years.”


She says:

“Being a great cook.”


“Jamie’s 30 minute meals!”

– Jane

“See the funny side of everything. Play kiss chase, tickle one another, have pillow fights. Laugh together (or at each other) every day. Talk and discuss future goals, plans and dreams, no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched.”

– Claire

“Being thick skinned and slightly deaf-makes it easier.”

– Tina

“Having your own secret language.”

– Grace

“Have about the same standards of house messiness”

–  Ceris

“Flexibility is the key to a lasting relationship.”

– Kate

“Shift work.”

– Faye

“Making sure he knows who’s the boss. Me!”

 – Lindsey

“Never go to bed on an argument and learn to give in sometimes!”

– Vita

“Make up new hobbies together! It’s never too late to learn something new, and you’ll always have fresh things to talk about. Try wine tasting, learning Spanish, table tennis, film-making or cookery classes!”

– Di

“Letting him watch the football!”

– Azra

“Try and have a silly day, when you laugh so much together, it works wonders, and will also strengthen you as a couple”

– Hazel

“Separate bathrooms”

– Nadia

“Healthy competition – be it in sports, video games or quizzes. As long as the winner can be gracious and the loser congratulatory (and that no partner dominates the winning side of things), it works very well in creating a positive environment as well as maybe creating a bit of sexual tension on the side .“


“Appreciate and learn to love your differences. There may be things you dislike about your partner, habits, hobby’s and silly things that are down to them being individual. It’s our differences that make us ourselves! Be patient – if you really love someone you can love even their bad points.’

– Jade

“Have hobbies apart as well as things you love to do together. It gives you plenty to talk about and it feels refreshing to get together to do things when you do.”

– Sarah

“Being truthful and putting warm pyjamas in the tumble dryer, ready for when they get out the bath.”

–  Katie

“Swap household chores every now and then. Reversing roles really does make you appreciate what one another does and makes you realise that you both pull your weight about the home.”

– Melissa

“Honesty, mutual respect, clear communication and time…”

– Dee

“Breakfast in bed, plenty of kisses and the occasional screaming match!”

– Orla