Jamie has just moved back to England after living in China and thought he would give online dating a go. He currently lives in Berkshire and loves playing tennis, going out with friends, and watching movies.

I joined match.com a few weeks before I got the full membership, and in that time I had 25 winks. I couldn’t see the people who had sent me these previously, so now that I was a fully-fledged member I could finally see who they were.

So when I first got my membership I spent some time looking at those people and seeing what they were like. There was one girl from the winks I got that I was attracted to, so I sent her a wink back and want to write her a message to see if anything could happen from that.

I also did a few quick searches of people around my area get familiar with the app, and see if there was anyone who I might want to go on a date with. I haven’t written any messages yet, but I feel like I am just getting used to it at the moment.

So right now there are no dates, but the search has begun and we will see what happens!

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