I have been a match member for a week now and have been winking and chatting to a few people who I think I would get on with.

Mainly I have been updating my profile by writing about my interests and favorite books and so on, as I think that is a real help towards encouraging people to message you. I also think it is really important to add more photos to your profile so people can see what you look like clearly and it also means that there are no surprises when you meet up! The other thing that I think is good is to keep the mobile app or website running in the background, as being online means that there is more chance of people finding you.

I have also been messaging a few girls that have winked at me. I have talked to a few girls quite a lot and we have now swapped phone numbers and started to chat more on whatsapp or Skype which has been a good way to get to know them better. I would prefer to really get to know someone before I meet them, as it think you have a better chance of seeing what you might have in common and so having a good time when you meet up.

I met someone last week who had met her boyfriend through an online dating website and they got on well, so fingers crossed that it can work out well for me!

Hope to meet someone in the next few weeks for a date! Let’s see how it goes.

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