Real blogger Kat: A boyfriend for winter

Perhaps it’s the cold weather, or the looming prospect of a single Christmas, but Match is suddenly bustling with more good-looking men than ever!

I’d exchanged a few messages with Rob when he suggested going for a drink – a local drink as he lives really near to me. I’ve been going on dates with boys that live in far-flung areas of London, so when Rob suggested meeting up in Brixton it was definitely appealing.

I ended up working late, and so Rob was already at the pub when I arrived. He was really nice, and I learnt that he was Australian which I really liked…you never know when you’ll have enough of the cold weather and need to emigrate somewhere hot! We had quite a lot in common and got on really well, and I’m hoping to go for another drink with him sometime soon.

I’ve also arranged to go on a date with Paul. After a few texts, he actually called me to arrange going out for dinner – a bold move in this day and age of instant messaging, and I quite liked it. So I’m quite looking forward to that later this week…

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