Real blogger Kat: A few weeks in…

I have been using for a few weeks now and it is going really well!

Once I had signed up I quickly started to get winks and messages which has been exciting. What I really like about using the site is that you can immediately see if the guys have the qualities that you want them to have, I like to think of it as easy and informed dating! I want to meet a tall, sporty man, and I could search for men in my area with my specific preferences which is really great.

I’ve even been on a few dates! I’d been exchanging messages with Sam, and then we swapped numbers and arranged to meet up. On the first date he was sweet and he travelled down to where I lived to meet up. There was a minor hiccup when the pub I had chosen wasn’t open, which was a bit embarrassing as we ended up running around in the rain trying to find somewhere to go after we had only just met! But after that the date went really well; we had a really good laugh and I even got a goodnight kiss at the end.

I really like him and we’ve actually been on quite a few dates in the past couple of weeks. It sounds silly, but it feels like I’ve struck dating gold with the first guy I’ve met up with on match. But it is still early days and anything could happen…

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