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After moving to London, Kat found that her job and busy lifestyle meant that she didn't have the time to meet anyone special, so she thought she would try She currently lives in South London with her friends, and her two favourite things are running and partying!



A Strong Start

As a hard-working, hard-partying girl in the big city, I’ve somehow managed to avoid meeting anyone special.

In between keeping up with commitments with friends, housemates, family and work, not to mention distractions and false starts with ex-boyfriends (how do they always creep back?!), I find myself 23, single, and frankly wanting to have more than a drunken kiss in a nightclub.

Online dating seemed to be the obvious solution. I do my shopping online, book my cinema tickets online, and Google-search any question I ever have. So moving my search for love online didn’t seem like such a bad plan.

I had recently signed up to a free dating site but was instantly inundated with sleazy messages from guys without photos – not cool. I was really hoping that would prove to be different.

Signing up was easy, just a few clicks and I was done! And, just like that, there were thousands of single men at my fingertips! An athletic-looking lawyer winked at me within my first few minutes online. A good, strong caliber of man, for a good, strong start to online dating….

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