Real blogger Kat: My Whirlwind Romance

Things with Sam were going really well, we were both from the same home town and had an instant connection.

We went out for some nice dates, and I even went away on a camping weekend with him and his friends and we had an amazing time. We listened to some great music, set off fire balloons in the vast open countryside, and sat round a fire until dawn. He had the qualities that I wanted in a date –height, sporty, and a good sense of humour, so we had a fun time together.

A few weeks on, we'd shared some great moments together and had a good time, but perhaps things had moved too fast. We decided that although we had experienced some great dates we were not suited to each other long term, and so should stop seeing each other. It was therefore time to move on from my whirlwind romance and to find out what other adventures and possibilities would come my way.

So I’m back using match regularly and have sent a few cheeky winks to get me started!

Let’s see what happens this time…

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