I have been going on a few dates and really getting stuck into match again. It seems like now that the sun is out couples are everywhere which is just giving me more motivation to go on some dates!

I have been on dates with two guys since my last post, and my dating experiences have been interesting all in different ways.

I had a few dates with Mark the nurse who was really good looking but spent a bit too much time talking to me about his terminally ill patients. He loved his job and I really respected what he did, but I just couldn’t get a word in edgeways! So I decided that although he must have had a heart of gold, perhaps he wasn’t the guy for me.

Then there was James who I had a really fun first date with. He was really funny and we got on really well. The only downfall was when he mentioned the second date, as he wanted our second date to be a jog around the park… I mean a literal jog around the park. So I nipped that one in the bud. I guess you just don’t click with everyone.

But that’s the great thing about dating online – for every person you’re not suited to, there is another great guy just around the corner (hopefully!).

I’ve got a date with someone new planned for next week. We’ve been exchanging emails and now text messages and he seems like a nice guy. We’re going to the Roundhouse beach in Camden, I hope it stays hot! Will keep you posted…

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