The main reason I decided to join was that I felt I didn’t have enough time to meet new people. My job can be very full on and in my down time I tend to see my friends. However I decided to give it a go and set aside a few nights and line up some dates with a few people that had asked.

I was had a really nice time on the first date I went on. We ended up meeting at my local pub which has a nice beer garden and had a few drinks in the evening sunshine. He was chatty, funny and seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying. Despite not having much in common, we still managed to find lots to talk about and didn’t get caught out with any awkward silences. Although I didn’t feel much of a spark, I did enjoy his company so it was a nice evening.

The second date was with someone I had been speaking to a lot, so I was really excited to finally meet him. He was perfectly nice and very friendly, but after one we both realised that we really didn’t have very much in common. No matter, I thought I would keep my fingers crossed for third time lucky.

I went on my third date with a completely open mind. When he turned up he was very good looking – even better so than his profile pictures, and we hit the jackpot on conversation as had both been to the same university so had lots to talk about and reminisce over. The only problem is that he lives out of London so not sure when I will see him again. I do however have my fingers crossed…

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