Real blogger: Matt begins his journey…

Having just come out of a long-term relationship, Matt wanted to meet someone new. He lives in Manchester city centre, and loves music and festivals.

As a ‘try anything once’ sort of person, I didn’t have to think twice about joining

Though there is a real sense of quaintness and etiquette to the ‘old school’ courtship methods of romance, it is a thing of the past where people approach one another in their local book store or Friday night ‘disco’. In fact, in an age where half of us are reading their books on a screen, and ‘discos’’ main appeal come in can’t-hear-yourself-speak-beats and a close vicinity of fast food shops to fall into on your way home, there’s a lack of room for courtship. Things are just completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Booze 101 on a Saturday night and a meal deal from Chicken-Go-Lucky to wake up to the next morning (perhaps more so than the next person), when I go out I enjoy losing my inhibitions within our friendship circle. It’s not really a place I want to be meeting a date or, maybe one day, a suitor.

That said, it would be nice to change my disposition, and maybe wake up to a friendly text rather than two wings and some Burger Sauce – enter

I can’t say I know what I’m looking for, but maybe that’s the entire point of opening yourself up to new opportunities and the chance to talk to new people. With, it seems quick and efficient to quickly find interesting and like-minded people who, yes you might fancy the looks of a little, but more importantly who you can quickly establish common ground with.

As a person who enjoys his work, friends, family and all of the hobbies, learning and adventures in between, the prospect of being able to sit down with, have a browse, come, go and come back again, being able to fit it all around my own schedule and in my own time is a definite draw.

So, a short while in to making this profile, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from it. A lot of people used to have a jaded view that people ‘hid behind’ internet profiles, but from my perspective it’s more of an honest opportunity to put yourself under a spotlight and let other people see if you’ve got something they want to learn more about.

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