Why did you choose online dating?

“Tiree is a very quiet place during the winter. Most winters I spend in South Africa but last year I stayed in Scotland. If you stay in Tiree outside of the holiday season there is just no one around; I see my friends all the time, but most of them are married with kids so you just don’t meet new people. Lots of my friends have been successful with online dating and they persuaded me to join. They said “Give it a go; you never know who you might meet”.

What’s the Tiree social scene like during the summer?

“Summer is completely different, it’s packed! But the problem is, if I do meet someone they’re usually only here for a week on holiday and then I never see them again. I’ve been out with professional surfers and snow boarders but they just want to surf all the time and I’m looking for someone who’s more compatible.”

What do you look for in a man?

“I like someone who is able to hold a conversation. From going out with lots of surfer types the conversation generally revolves around themselves and what they do, which is the same as what I do, so it can be a bit boring sometimes. I like someone who can talk about a range of things and just generally not talk about themselves, someone who can ask me questions and be interested in what I do. Obviously I have to fancy them as well.”

Any funny date stories?

“There was the time I met up with someone from the site and accidentally ended up approaching the wrong guy because he actually looked very similar, but it wasn’t the same person. But the thing is we ended up having a really good chat and I was still talking to him when my date walked in!”

Were you nervous before your date with Keith?

“Obviously being filmed added an extra dimension to the date but I was just looking forward to meeting him really and we had lots to talk about, so it was fine. “

Have you seen Keith since the date?

“He’s in Canada at the moment but he has emailed me a couple of times since saying that he’s having an amazing time and he wants to make me jealous. And I said ‘thanks, I’m sitting in Tiree surrounded by fog’ and he’s in Canada snowboarding! But he has said that he definitely thinks we should meet up again and I agree”