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The real truth about being ‘compatible’

The real truth about being 'compatible'

Dating someone with a different outlook on life? Perhaps you’re seeing someone who has vastly different tastes to your own and aren’t sure if you’ll be compatible?

Don’t be discouraged. Getting to know each other’s differences is what makes dating so exciting and is ultimately what can create great chemistry between two people.

Below, we’ve exploded some myths about dating so you and your potential partner can get off to a flying start.

1. Difference = disaster

Dating starts with a spark, moves on to chemistry and with a bit of luck blossoms into something special.

Your differences are what make you appear interesting and attractive to each other, so don’t let them drive a wedge between you – they hold the key to that first spark.

Don’t hide your opinions or guilty pleasures from the person you’re dating, you’ll be surprised at how intriguing they can be to someone who’s never experienced them.

2. Being compatible is about being the same

Just because you both like EastEnders and support the same football team, it doesn’t make you automatically compatible.

Real compatibility is about finding the right fit, whether that’s balancing each other out with your different traits (organised versus spontaneous for example) or simply being on the same wavelength about what the future may hold for you as a couple.

3. Fights and arguments always spell trouble

Not all arguments are bad. In fact, it’s perfectly normal and healthy for those in a relationship to have the odd bicker or fall out; it releases tension and clears the air.

It’s important that you voice your feelings and concerns rather than letting them fester. You and your partner will feel much better for having been truly honest with each other.

4. You should try to like what they like

Pretending to love vampire films or sitting through a three hour classical music concert might get you brownie points in the short term but when it comes to the crunch it will only breed discontent if you feel you’re putting up with something for the sake of it.

It’s good to have your own individual interests, friends and hobbies as this will allow for some healthy time apart, and stories to share when you’re reunited again.

5. People can change if you nag them enough

So you’re dating your opposite. Whatever you do, don’t try to change them to be more like you – you’ll risk losing the very essence that attracted you to each other in the first place!

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